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The Labient team aspires to uncover the ancient secrets and tailor our food to our unique metabolic type, so that we can heal and thrive.

We are working hard to create tools and inspirational resources for anyone who is looking to simplify their healthy habits.

Our philosophy is Minimalism: less is more, cut out the clutter, keep the essence.

The Labient Team.

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We are building a personalized meal planner!

Natalie Labient

Although knowing your metabolic body type and learning about foods that work for you is a huge step towards a healthier life, you may find it overwhelming to have to plan your diet using a long list of ingredients.

I could never remember the foods on my list, not to mention trying to combine them into a meal on a plate :)

This is why I decided to build an app that will create recipes and meal plans for your metabolic type, so you don't have to!

The app is in active development and will be launching within a few months. If you want to stay in touch and let me ping you when it's ready, please drop your email in the form to the right.

Wishing you good health,

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