Your metabolic type
is the key to your health

You were born with a unique ability to metabolize food. This is why foods that work wonders for some people may not work for you.

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Find out what foods work for you

Tired of ever changing diet hypes?

Official dietary recommendations have changed many times in the past, often to guidelines that contradict themselves.

Don't believe in the latest diet hypes. Your body is your best guide, you just need to learn to listen to its internal voice.

Food is medicine

Each food that you consume makes unique changes to your physical, mental and emotional state. Yes, foods change us in more ways than we might imagine.

By eating foods that are beneficial for us and avoiding harmful foods we will be able to speed up the healing process, improve our mental capacity and our mood.

There is no "one fits all" diet!

Ever tried a diet that somebody else swears by and found that it had no effect on you? Did you blame yourself for your failure?

The truth is that we are not created equal, and foods have different effect on us. The same food may benefit one person and harm another. We need to start treating ourselves as unique individuals, learn to tune in into our body's own compass and start trusting our "gut".

Food can be your best ally or your worst enemy: you choose

No matter what treatment you choose for your ailments, whether you follow traditional or alternative medicine, you need to eat in a way that supports your body's recovery process.

Metabolic Type Assessment

The first step in the discovery process is to determine your metabolic type
and learn what foods would work for you.

Begin by answering a few questions
that assess your physical and emotional characteristics
and get lifestyle, diet and exercise recommendations.

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We are building a personalized meal planner!

Natalie Labient

Although knowing your metabolic body type and learning about foods that work for you is a huge step towards a healthier life, you may find it overwhelming to have to plan your diet using a long list of ingredients.

I could never remember the foods on my list, not to mention trying to combine them into a meal on a plate :)

This is why I decided to build an app that will create recipes and meal plans for your metabolic type, so you don't have to!

The app is in active development and will be launching within a few months. If you want to stay in touch and let me ping you when it's ready, please drop your email in the form to the right.

Wishing you good health,

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