5 Quick Guided Meditations to Instantly Boost Your Day From Morning to Night

Have you ever had a feeling that you wasted your day?

You go to bed in the evening and realize that the day didn't turn out the way you planned. You regret that you didn't put enough energy and focus. You regret that you procrastinated and didn't get to the important tasks.

You can give your day an instant boost with short meditation breaks that you place strategically throughout your day.

5 Quick Guided Meditations to Instantly Boost Your Day

Meditation is one of the best tools to help you supercharge your day.

Invest 5 to 15 minutes throughout your day in these quick and easy guided meditations:

  1. Lift your spirit in the morning
  2. Boost your confidence
  3. Get rid of anxiety
  4. Stay focused
  5. Relax for a peaceful sleep

Your day is not simply a number of waking hours: it's about spending the time on what's right for you. It's about the results that you produce, and how effective your actions are.

Do you want to get the most out of your day? I find meditation to be one of the most powerful tools to supercharge my mind. It helps me stay focused and perform at the top.

And the best thing is that you don't need to work hard or spend a lot of time to get the results. It's all about timing short, quiet moments during the day. 5 to 15 minutes in a quiet environment is all you need to take your performance to a higher level. You will feel more calm, focused and energized.

Get your day started with a 5 minute morning meditation. Take a few minutes to recharge and boost your confidence. End your day with a short relaxing meditation for a peaceful and deep sleep.

Start Your Day with a Positive and Uplifting Meditation

There is no better way to start your day than with this restorative and refreshing meditation. It will give you positive energy that will set the mood for your entire day.

5 Minute Morning Meditation with Susanne Kempken:

Duration: 6 minutes
Source: 5 Minute Morning Meditation with Susanne Kempken

Quick 5 Minute Reboot of Your Brain: Anytime

You may have had the best intentions for your day, but end up trapped in a whirlwind of unimportant tasks. You get sidetracked and distracted from your main goals.

Whenever you need a quick “reboot” during the day, use this 5 minute meditation. It will help you clear your mind, relax and then get on with your day.

The recording contains nothing but the pure sound of a Tibetan singing bowl being repeatedly struck with a soft mallet. The sound quality is very good, with a lovely tonal balance and detail.

The bell sound helps you refocus by simply absorbing your attention in the sound. No mantra or special breathing is required: simply let your awareness be consumed by the sound of the bell.

Mindfulness Bell - A 5 Minute Mindfulness Meditation:

Duration: 5 minutes
Source: Mindfulness Bells Meditation

Travel to a Dreamlike Land to Relax

Stress and anxiety are the plagues of our modern world. They block your creativity and can make you sick. Most of the time, these worries have no ground and you would be better off without them.

This meditation will help you lift your troubles and shift your state of mind to creative and positive thinking.

Here we take you on a journey to a dreamlike land, a gentle sea, and a being who will help to take your worries away.

Relief From Anxiety - A Guided Visualisation:

Duration: 12 minutes
Source: The Honest Guys

5 Minute Confidence Boosting Meditation

Have you ever had a moment in your day when you feel unsure of yourself? When you just keep saying: "This will never work. I can't do it"?

Or maybe you have an important meeting, interview or a phone call, and the outcome of this call is important to you? You need to be your best, to perform at the top, and anxiety sets in.

Whenever you feel unsure of yourself, use this meditation for a little extra boost of confidence.

This is a quick meditation that will relax you and give you a boost of confidence whenever you need it. It's an enjoyable way to ease tension or nervousness during times when you feel a little insecure or unsure of yourself. In this short meditation you will use some basic breathing exercises, simple visualizations and positive affirmations to bring about a relaxed and confident mindset.

5 Minute Confidence Booster Meditation with Susanne Kempken:

Duration: 6 minutes
Source: Susanne Kempken

Calm Your Mind Before Going to Bed

Are you having trouble falling asleep? Do you toss and turn in bed, with all the troubles of the day spinning around in your head?

This meditation will help you calm your mind and smoothly guide you into a peaceful sleep.

Let your senses soak in the beauty of the rising stars in this guided sleep talk-down. From the first stars appearing to the glory of the Milky Way curving across the sky, this meditation will both guide you into sleep and give you a sense of the wonder of the universe.

Guided meditation for Sleep "The Starry Night":

Duration: 13 minutes
Source: The Honest Guys

Quick Tip: Bookmark this page and use it as a tool to make the most out of every single day.

I hope that you give some of these meditations a try. It is truly worth the effort. It may do wonders to your day. And day after day, it may do wonders to your life. Have you tried meditating before?

Cheers, Natalie

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